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Tropical forecast Sept. 2, 2018
Tropical forecast Sept. 2, 2018

Labor Day is here, but we may see a couple of showers for our extended weekend. You may have also been hearing lots of chatter lately about the “Gulf tropical development” that is expected in the days ahead. Here’s the latest on what you need to know.

Labor Day forecast

Labor Day looks to be partly cloudy with some isolated showers. Don’t let this cancel your plans though. Most folks will likely miss out on the rain—ending up with plenty of sun and highs in the 90s.

Tropical Update

First off, a tropical depression or storm is LIKELY to form in the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday. The development is expected to occur in the central Gulf.

The current forecast would keep the system to the east of South Texas and the Coastal Bend. Current indications suggest that it would head toward Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama. However, this forecast is subject to change as this tropical system evolves.

It will be important to keep checking the forecast frequently over the next few days. Even though this is expected to stay away from South Texas, we’re dealing with a tropical system that has yet to fully take shape. Until it forms into a legitimate tropical depression or storm, the forecast will contain high uncertainty—so keep checking back every day for updates.

COASTAL BEND IMPACTS: The current forecast indicates some increased swells and rip currents along the Mid-Texas coastline. Because the storm is forecast to stay to our east, it may actually lessen our rain chances in the week ahead– this is because it would cause sinking air over South Texas. Sinking air works against rain formation. Of course, should the forecast change over the next couple of days, our impacts could change.

BOTTOM LINE: There is no need to panic. The Coastal Bend is not currently the focus of this tropical system, and the impacts are currently expected to be very minimal. However, check back frequently over the next few days as the system evolves. A Hurricane Hunter Airplane is on-call to investigate this tropical system on Monday. This will give us better information to make an even better forecast.

Cole Vaughn

Cole Vaughn

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