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Troubleshooters; Rockport Couple Says They’ve Been Wiped Out Financially

A Rockport couple claims they’ve been *wiped out* financially.
They were trying to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.
They hired a woman who promised to help them.
And paid her a lot of money.
Nearly $170,000.00.
But the job’s not complete.

“That’s a staggering number. It is. $170,000.00 not 70. Not $17,000.00 $170,000.00. Right. For what we see here right now. Right. This has been a year, and not one room has been complete. She hasn’t even touched the outside yet,” Donna Amacker.

This is Donna Amacker’s side of this story.
Of how she says she hired Piper Leffler in June 2018 to repair what Hurricane Harvey did to her house almost 2 years ago now.
Amacker and her husband were going to pay with the money they received from their insurance company.
$120,000.00, plus an estimated $40,000.00 or more in cash.
“I mean she’s pretty much wiped us out,” Amacker lamented to the Troubleshooters.
But all you have to do is walk thru the house and see the job’s not done.
“Everything that’s done, has to be redone.”

Amacker says she began getting suspicious when different crews would show up to work, then quit claiming Leffler wasn’t paying them or their checks would bounce.

She tells the story of Leffler claiming she was going to North Carolina to buy new furniture for their home.
They paid for it, but the claim has never received one piece of furniture.

“What have you found out about Piper Leffler? It looks like she’s a career criminal. She’s had several arrests. Looks like this is what she does. This is how she makes her living.”
She and her husband did their own background check on Piper Leffler and found out she has aliases, various addresses, and been accused of fraud, writing hot checks, and forgery, to name a few.
The Troubleshooters left a message for Leffler on a number Amacker had.
She has not returned our call.
We also went to 2 addresses Amacker had for her.
We found absolutely nothing.

Amacker plans to pursue this legally.
She’ll meet with the Aransas County Sherriff’s Office.
At this point, considering everything they’ve been thru with Piper Leffler, the Amacker’s want to see her spend time behind bars.
“We pretty much lost everything during Harvey, but she wasn’t concerned about that. She was concerned about taking our money.”

Piper Leffler called us late this afternoon saying this situation is ‘gut wrenching’ for her because she claims she did everything she could to help the Amackers.
She insists she did not collect $170,000.00 from the Amackers.  More like $70,000.00.
She also claims the Amackers wanted upgrades to everything and that wasn’t part of the original budget.
And as far as the furniture she was supposed to buy for them in North Carolina, they did receive some of it.

Andy Liscano

Andy Liscano

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