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Troubleshooters: Sinton House


On today’s Troubleshooters, a Sinton woman talks about paying a contractor more than $15,000 to do work on her home.
That’s alot of money for anybody to pay, but Marcelina Cano’s home had been damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
And her husband passed away, so she needed the work done, and done right.
I spoke with the contractor.
He says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it right with her.

Marcelina Cano and her family took pictures of what they their home looked like when a contractor tried to level it.
Cano told the Troubleshooters the contractor she hired in March 2018 is Jody Acosta, of Acosta’s Roofing and Remodeling in Taft.
Paid him a little more than $15,000 to re-level her house, re-do the siding, re-do the floors, windows, and replace some sheetrock inside.
She told us she wound up having to hire another business to re-level the house correctly.

She also recalled what she claims Acosta told her about the gaps on the ceiling.
“And they said, ‘well, that was to be expected when you level a house.’

Cano says she and her late husband wound up having to hire another contractor, Blue Collar Construction, to do the
siding and exterior painting.
Paid them another $32,000, butt she told us she’s not pleased with their work either.

Cano explained she was able to pay for everything with a loan from the Small Business Administration.
She also said she was encouraged not to pursue legal action against acosta,
Yet she did file a complaint against him with the San Pat County Sheriff’s Office in December, which we’ve confirmed.

Cano looks at this as one of life’s lessons learned the hard way.
“Do you feel like they took advantage of you and your husband ? Yes they did. They took advantage. Who’s they, when we say they ? Jody Acosta’s construction company.”

Cano says she’s found out she’s not alone.
That there are other complaints against jody acosta.
“I want people out there to not believe this guy. He’s still doing it.”

Jody Acosta called the Troubleshooters to give us his side of this story.
He told me he believes the other contractors Cano’s hired, convinced them the work he had done was faulty, and had to be redone, just to make money.

He also insisted he’s not trying to do anything bad to anyone, so whatever he has to do to make this right with Mrs. Cano, he’s willing to do it, even if it means giving her some sort of refund.

Andy Liscano

Andy Liscano

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