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On today’s Troubleshooters, a disabled Kingsville man asks for help getting money back from a contractor.
We’re talking about a $2600.00 refund.

We are in search of Jimmy Gonzalez of Gonzalez General Contracting of Bishop.
Last December Jose Ybarra of Kingsville paid Gonzalez $2600.00, as a down payment for roof repairs and a room addition to his home.
“Did he ever do any work on your roof or begin work on the room addition ?” the Troubleshooters asked Ybarra. “Not at all. Nothing ? Nothing.”

By the way, Ybarra hired and paid a different contractor to do his roof.
And Gonzalez did do some foundation work for Ybarra last year, and Yarra paid him for it.
But this is about the $2600.00 Ybarra paid Gonzalez last December for work that was never done.
Ybarra needs it back.
“Did he ever offer you a refund ? Not even No sir.”

Ybarra showed us text messages he says he and Gonzalez exchanged.
Gonzalez claiming he’d fractured his foot and couldn’t work.
Then, IN ANOTHER TEXT, “I used it for bills thinking everything would work in my favor.”

So a frustrated Ybarra took Gonzalez to court.
Gonzalez didn’t show, so Judge Larry Lawrence awarded Ybarra a default judgement.
Gonzalez has to pay up.
“Do you think Jimmy Gonzalez will ever pay you $2600.00 ? Refund you $2600.00 ? Not at all,” Ybarra told us.

As we were leaving Ybarra’s house, Gonzalez called.
“I had 3 strokes. I been out of work,” he said by phone.
He further told us he tried contacting Ybarra couple weeks ago, but never heard back from him.
“Do you have the money to pay him back or to begin paying him back right now ?” we asked him. “Yes, uh, I can’t start right right now, but I will start as soon as this rain passes. I will start paying him back.”

Andy Liscano

Andy Liscano

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