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Yesterday on the Troubleshooters, Karolyn Ward told us she had hired CC Tree in early September to do some work at her Rockport home.

But she discovered that some damage had been done to her property.

So while we were with her, we called the number she says she found on the ADSAC when she hired them.
“Is this Corpus Christi Tree ? Yes it is.”

Throughout our story I referred to them as CC Tree.
But after our story aired, we heard from the owner of CC Tree who told us, it wasn’t them.
It was a different tree service.
So I sincerely apologize for the mistake.

I checked the ADSAC today. There is a “CC Trees” listed with the phone same number I called yesterday.
But the owner of CC Tree Services assures me that is not them.

Andy Liscano

Andy Liscano

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