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Law enforcement impostors knock on doors in Robstown

Residents in the Robstown area are concerned over a group of men posing as law enforcement officers.
A group of men was seen driving from home to home while presenting themselves as law enforcement officers in broad daylight Tuesday. Homeowners there said details don’t add up.
“The vehicle, the unmarked car, it had no license plate in the front. The way he was holding his badge and didn’t identify himself,” Rosie Torres said.
Torres is just one resident who captured surveillance footage of the men Tuesday, but wasn’t home at the time they knocked on her door.
However, a friend stopped by Torres’ home just before 4 p.m. and the men quickly came back and approached her in the driveway.
“She asked them what they wanted and they mentioned to her that they were law enforcement officers. They were friendly, and they told her they were in the area because there had been an increase in crime and they wanted the security footage off our cameras,” Torres said.
She and her neighbors have major concerns about the men’s intentions.
“These are professionals. This is their job. Their job is just to go around, and if they have to hold someone hostage for money or valuables they’ll do it. I think they’re here for a mission and their mission is to make sure they don’t walk away empty handed. At all costs,” Torres said.
Nueces County Sheriff J.C. Hooper and his deputies are investigating the incidents and combing through surveillance footage.
Sheriff Hooper added that if you are ever skeptical about whether or not someone is a real law enforcement officer, call 911 immediately.
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