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Shelter has 1920s themed fundraiser on tap to battle high stray population

Get your flapper dresses ready and practice dancing the Charleston. Gulf Coast Humane Society has a 1920s themed party set for a week from Tuesday that will raise money to fight Corpus Christi’s high population of stray pets.

“I believe Corpus Christi sees a stray population of both cats and dogs higher than most parts of the country,” shelter executive director Sharon Ray said.

Shelter leaders are calling their party “The Cat’s Meow!” All of the money raised through ticket sales goes to the Community Spay and Neuter Program which provides those procedures to animals at low-costs or for free at monthly events throughout the area. Ray says, in this area, that’s really important.

“The warmer it is, the more often they have kittens,” she said. “It’s warm here all the time, so it’s almost always kitten season here in Corpus Christi.”

Kittens and cats at the shelter will roam free in the Community Room at the shelter during next week’s party. It’s something Gulf Coast Humane does at each of its monthly Cat Cafe events in which The Cat’s Meow is a part.

“What makes our Cat Cafe so exciting is that running around the room while you’re participating in this event are all of these wonderful cats and kittens that will just be there for your pleasure to get to know and adopt if you’re interested,” Ray said.

If you don’t have time to practice the Charleston before the party, shelter leaders plan to teach lessons at the event. They’ll also have Roaring 20s inspired but alcohol-free beverages. And in true speakeasy fashion, you’ll get a password when you reserve your tickets that you’ll need to get in the door.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. You can order them over the phone at 361-225-0845 or by stopping by the shelter located at 3118 Cabaniss Road. You’re encouraged to wear 1920s clothing, but remember that you’ll be accompanied by feline friends.

“If you have some fringe that kind of shakes a little bit, the cats will certainly be intrigued by that,” Ray said. “So, don’t wear your best pearls or anything like that. But come out, and have a really good time.”

Seth Kovar

Seth Kovar

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