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American Red Cross resources strained as Kingsville residents continue to struggle with storm damage clean-up


Thursday’s storm swept through Kingsville leaving 9,600 residents without power.

“The National Weather Service has determined it was a down burst 90 mph of straight-line winds of course it caused a lot of damage in our city particularly the north side,” said Janine Reyes, Kingsville Public Information Officer.

Most people’s power has now been restored, the exceptions are those whose homes AEP considers too damaged to safely power up.

“I’ve never been through something like this.” Said Valeria Garcia, who’s home received a lot of damage.

But now residents are in need of cleaning supplies to help get their homes back to livable conditions. Garcia says without home insurance, it’s been tough trying to start making repairs.

“This roof caved in and the ceiling caved in all the tin flew off of this part too” said Garcia.

Kleberg county has opened the Human Services Building, distributing materials to those who need them.

“I’m a single mom,” said Garcia. “I don’t have the means or the money to pay for a motel forever or to be paying out to eat forever for 3 kids.”

You could see cars lined up. People were waiting since before 10 AM to pick up cleaning supplies that the American red cross was handing out.

“Unfortunately, the demand has been much higher than the red cross has been able to keep up supply on,” said Reyes.

Supplies ran out within 20 minutes this morning.

Officials began taking down resident’s home addresses, and a truck full of supplies from Victoria were handed out to those who waited in line but received nothing.

“Additionally, they’re going to take our damage assessment map and really hit the hardest hit areas with boots on the ground going door-to-door so they’re able to make sure that those kits get in the hands of those most severely impacted,” said Reyes.

An 18-wheeler stocked with more supplies is headed to Kingsville from Dallas, the truck is expected to arrive tonight and will be distributed door-to-door by officials again tomorrow. The location is1109 E Santa Gertrudis St. Kingsville, TX.

If you’d like to donate cleaning supplies you can drop them off at the Kingsville Police Department.

Brenda Matute

Brenda Matute

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