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Kitchen Cops: January 15th

Trash bags used to cover food, rodent dropping and butter stored underneath the hand washing sink are just a few of the violations health inspectors found in area kitchens.

Let’s get started with the perfect scores.

Burger King located at 1124 Waldron scored a 100.

Denny’s located at 5165 IH 37 scored a 100.

Jimmy John’s located at 5625 Saratoga scored a 100.

Mamma Mia’s Restaurant located at 128 Mesquite scored a 100.

Pizza Hut located at 5933 Mcardle scored a 100.

Subway located at 5626 Leopard scored a 100.

Whataburger located at 7702 South Padre Island Drive scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is Dairy Queen located at 5002 Greenwood.

Wildcat Donut #2 located at 11217 Leopard scored a 98.

Popeye’s located at 1115 Port scored a 98.

Kingsville Bakery located at 107 Ash Street scored a 98.

Whataburger located at 1121 Waldron scored a 96.

Jack In The Box located at 1238 Waldron scored a 95.

Olive Garden Restaurant located at 5258 South Padre Island Drive scored a 95.

Jack’s Dinner Bell located at 4626 Weber scored a 94.

Bandas located at 2751 Port scored a 94.

Shipley Donuts located at 5625 Saratoga scored a 93.

Chick-Fil-A located at 5488 South Padre Island Drive scored a 92.

Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant located at 5937 Mcardle scored a 90.

Taqueria Jalisco #12 located at 3830 Staples scored a 90.

The Post At Lamar Park located at 411 Doddridge scored a 90.

Dropping down to the B-list with an 89 is El Jalisco Grill located at 1813 Ennis Joslin.

Violations included food pans stored inside other food pans, raw meat stored above vegetables, food was not covered or labeled, missing thermometer, no paper towels at the hand washing sink, dishes stored in the hand washing sink, employees not wearing beard guards and cups used to portion salsa.

Takeniwa located at 5216 South Padre Island Drive scored an 88.

Health inspectors found raw meat stored below cooked or sauces, trays of rice stacked on top of other trays of rice, butter stored underneath hand washing sink, items stored in ice being used for drinks,
dirty soda fountain nozzles, a dirty microwave, a dirty ice machine and chemical spray bottles next to food.

Other violations included employees not eating designated areas, employees not wearing beard guards, bowls used to dispense rice, silverware was not stored properly, the restroom door must be self-closing and no hot water at employee restroom hand washing sink.

Taqueria Jalisco #3 located at 10533 South Padre Island Drive scored an 88.

The taqueria lost points because a trash bag was used to cover food, a chemical was stored near food, no thermometer, no paper towels at hand washing sink, utensils with handles need to be used to portion food, the back door sweep and plumbing in dry storage need to be repaired.

Taqueria Jalisco located at 535 Highway 77 scored an 85.

Violations include a dirty ice machine, no sanitized solution in buckets, products were not labeled, hand washing sink used for other tasks, rodent droppings, employees were not wearing beard guards, wiping towels were not stored properly, knives and utensils were not stored properly, dirty walls and a fan on the shelve in kitchen has dust build up.

JP Bombers #2 located at 5201 Everhart scored an 81.

The restaurant lost points because chicken and ham were thawed out in the same sink, pans of food were stacked on top of each other, a dirty can opener, the dish washing machine was not working properly, employees need to wash their hands, left over food were not labeled, the hand washing sink was used for other tasks, employees were not wearing hair or beard restraints, wiping towels were not stored properly, food was not covered, boxes of food were stored on the floor, scoops were not stored properly, missing floor tiles need to be replaced, the area behind equipment needs to be cleaned, a leaky faucet in women’s restroom needs to be repaired and there were no paper towels for women’s restroom.

Kitchen Cops Health Inspection Reports: January 15, 2019

Lisa Leal

Lisa Leal

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