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There are two B-list restaurants and one C-list restaurant in Thursday’s edition of the Kitchen Cops.

Rio Café located at 4307 Port scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A-list with a 99 is Cracker Barrel located at 4229 South Padre Island Drive.

The Donut Palace located at 604 Alister scored a 98.

Pretzelmaker located at 5448 South Padre Island Drive scored a 97.

McDonald’s located at 1229 Waldron scored a 97.

Jersey Mike’s located at 1813 Ennis Joslin scored a 95.

El Sol De Mexico #2 located at 4425 Alameda scored a 94.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza located at 10241 Waldron scored a 91.

Floyd’s Christian Restaurant located at 9502 South Padre Island Drive scored a 91.

Coach’s Grill located at 717 Tarpon scored a 90.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill located at 6691 South Padre Island Drive scored a 90.

There are two restaurants on the B-list.

The Brewery located at 429 Alister scored an 85.

Health inspectors found rotten lemons and tomatoes, ladles and insert pans were not washed properly, a dirty soda nozzle, chemical spray bottles were near sugar and food, no thermometer, no soap or towels at the hand washing sink, and employees were not wearing beard guards.

Shell’s Pasta & Seafood located at 522 East Avenue G scored an 84.

Violations included the walk in cooler kept at the wrong temperature, sanitizing solution too weak, spray bottles were not labeled or stored properly. leftover food was not labeled, no thermometers, rodent droppings, employees were not wearing beard guards, employee cups did not have lids, employees wearing jewelry and wiping towels were not stored properly.

Dropping down to the C-list with a 79 is Wendy’s Old Fashion Hamburgers located at 4123 Staples.

The restaurant lost points because of moldy ceiling vents, torn formica where food is prepared, toxic items near single serve items, expired food manager card, no food handler cards, no thermometers, no towels at hand sink and lint on hood area above griddle.

Other violations included gnats, flies and holes in the walls and ceilings.

Kitchen Cops Health Inspection Reports: November 1, 2018


Lisa Leal

Lisa Leal

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