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Dogs caught on camera mauling cat to death, animal control shows up 3 days later

A pet owner is upset after he says he watched his cat get attacked and killed right outside his house.  We must warn you, the video is graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers.

“My partner came home from the gym and when he pulled in got out of the car and yelled stop it and I ran to the front to find pitbulls there and my cat dead,” said Curtis Campbell.

It’s a heartbreaking story and one that was caught on home surveillance video. You can see Campbell’s cat lying on his front porch when two dogs, run up and attack it. After about a minute of struggling, sadly, the cat passes away.

“At that point i called 911 because there were children out in the neighborhood a few houses down and I didn’t know what the dogs might do,” said Campbell.

After calling 911, Campbell says neither police nor animal control showed up.

“It was just aggravating that a call would be dismissed and I would be sitting around waiting and no one show up not even a phone call back to say we’re not coming,” said Campbell.

He says it wasn’t until three days later when he followed up that someone came.

“I was told that a lieutenant with the police department canceled the call because a human was not involved,” said Campbell.

But that’s not always the case according to the Corpus Christi Police Department. Public Information Officer Lieutenant Michael Pena says while most calls involving animal attacks are transferred to animal control, every now and then a police officer will still show up for a call to service, even if a human is not the one being attacked.

As for why animal control did not show up to Campbell’s house, Pena says they say they were never notified.

Lt. Pena went on to say there was an issue with how dispatch reported the issue and that has now been corrected.

“In the event something happens again do I call 911 or do I take matters into my own hands,” said Campbell.

Campbell told us he could have shot the dog, which according to the Texas Health and Safety Code would have been legal. He says the owner of the dogs that killed his cat did apologize and paid for the expenses to cremate his cat.

Brenda Matute

Brenda Matute

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