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Customer video records employee working in lot without safety equipment


This video shows a young man on his knees in the parking lot of the Bill Miller BBQ on Ayers street digging up weeds using only a screwdriver.

“No cones, no banners, no yellow vest no nothing,” said Frank Rangel, a customer of Bill Miller BBQ.

Rangel was leaving the restaurant when he took the cell phone video of the employee, he says what concerned him the most was the lack of safety.

“People drive like crazy through there and backing up and he’s kneeling down what if they hit him,” said Rangel.

You can also see where the young man isn’t wearing gloves, Rangel says sanitary measures should have been taken before management sent any employees to work outside.

“The manager told me that they sprayed Roundup, just imagine if that stuff gets on his hands and it goes back into the food or his clothes,” said Rangel. “They aren’t going to send him home to take a shower to come back and start serving that’s a health hazard too.”

I reached out to the management at Bill Millers BBQ, they declined to go on camera but did say that pulling weeds is common practice for their employees.

They said they don’t hire a contractor for that job, so their employees take care of it.

They did verify that they don’t set out cones when an employee is working outside, and as far as wearing gloves, they said it is up to the individual employee whether he or she chooses to wear them.

Brenda Matute

Brenda Matute

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