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Woman calls Action 10 News claiming she lost money on a deposit for a rental home​

Candice Martinez says back in December Raymond Cavazos offered to lease her a home on 6017 Brockhampton street but come move in day, he was nowhere to be found.

“He was in jail, he gets out I want to say January 11and contacts me,” said Martinez. “He tells me that he was in jail, tells me that he’ll have to redo the lease because he has a monitor and he can’t leave his house until March.”

Martinez says Cavazos told her he could no longer lease her home until April, because he would be on house arrest.

“I asked him look let me get my deposit back I really don’t want to go through none of this drama I just really want my money back I’ll look for a different home,” said Martinez.

Halfway through March now, Martinez says Cavazos is refusing to return her $800 deposit.

“I’ve tried to contact him, and he says I’m not here or I’m out of town,” said Martinez. “Or you know, I won’t be back until the next day and he just goes ghost.”

According to the Nueces County Appraisal District website Cavazos is not listed as an owner of the property.

“I reached out to the nephew and come to find out he owes a lot of money trying to sublease and that’s not his home,” said Martinez.

Martinez says Cavazos has reached out to her telling her he’ll give her back the money this weekend, but she says he wants her to take down her social media posts warning others about him.

“I’m not going to take it down I’m going to go through every step that I can until I get my money back because I was just an innocent person looking for a home for my two children,” said Martinez.

Raymond Cavazos has been at the center of contractor issues here on troubleshooters before. We reached out to Cavazos but he refused to comment on record.

Brenda Matute

Brenda Matute

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