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Tuloso-Midway Booster Club to hold benefit for teenagers involved in deadly rollover ​crash

“It’s whatever we can do to help these families because it’s not something you prepare for,” said Stacie Figueroa.

A single-car accident involving five Tuloso-Midway High School students left one young man dead, and four others hospitalized.

“You don’t believe it at first,” said Athletic Director Wade Miller. “When you coach kids and you’re with them that amount of time they’re like your own kids and it’s like getting a phone call as if it had been one of mine.”

Miller says he received the call Friday night and went to the hospital to check on his students.

“They had some pretty good injuries,” said Miller. “One has actually been sent home and the other three are out of intensive care.”

Now the Tuloso-Midway Booster Club wants to help the family by raising money.

“A plate sale,” said Figueroa. “What can we do quickly and it was a burger sale.”

On Saturday, a benefit will be held in the schools parking lot for the family of 18-year-old Justin Franco, who passed away, as well as the families of the four other teenagers boys who were injured in the accident.

Every dollar of the money raised will go towards helping pay for funeral expenses and medical bills.

“The bills that are going to come with this are going to be great,” said Figueroa.

Even local businesses like Taqueria La Cabana, Baird’s, Pepsi-Cola, and S & J Bakery have donated either money or food items.

“The outpouring of people contributing has been amazing,” said Figueroa.

But the feeling of loss and grief still linger at the school.

“What I’ve been telling kids in my class is it could easily be us,” said Figueroa. “It could be you it could be me it could be anybody and to come together and just be there for each other is what we can do.”

Brenda Matute

Brenda Matute

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