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Renters say Woodlawn Apartments management ignoring rat complaints

Rodents the size of a small dog, mold, and drainage leaks are some of the things renters at Woodlawn Apartments claim they are living with.

One neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous says her family was forced to get two cats to kill the rats. They have the photos and video to prove it.

“It’s not safe for my five kids,” says anonymous neighbor.

Michelle Vega says she has had to cover holes on her walls. Mold is growing in her shower tiles and ceiling.

One lady says her entire family has been sick since they moved in back in September. They recently found out why, the vacant apartment beneath hers is covered in mold.

“My 3-year-old is in and out of the hospital, for her allergies, asthma, and we didn’t know until we saw the inside of that apartment,” says anonymous neighbor.

Reports to corporate have gone unanswered.

“We’ve tried, the managers tried, and no one above the manager wants to do anything,” says neighbor.

Neighbors say leaving is not an option for them. Vega says she was homeless before moving in, this is all she can afford.

“I just want to come to my home comfortable and get the repairs done,” says renter Michelle Vega.

According to Code Enforcement, this is not the first time renters have reached out to them. Several reports were made in 2016, another last year. Officers say those cases were closed, but they will re-evaluate them, as well as start a new investigation.


Mayra Cordova

Mayra Cordova

Mayra joins the Action 10 News team as a multimedia journalist and anchor in June 2018. Shortly before joining Action 10 News, Mayra was a multimedia journalist for CBS-affiliate, WHBF, in the Quad Cities of Illinois. She is happy to be back in Texas where the food is great and the weather is much warmer especially in beautiful South Texas. If you've got a story idea or want to get in touch with Mayra, email her at
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