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4 Ways STEM Research Will Benefit Our Future

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are the pathway for future innovations that lengthen life, solve world problems and power economies. In fact, STEM workers have a huge impacton the growth and stability of the economy, and are a critical component for the future of the U.S., according to the website Engineering from Kids. Those who work in STEM fields are likely to invent, build, drive and innovate future technologies that can benefit our lives for years to come. Check out these four ways STEM research will benefit us all.

3 Ways Fueling Up Can Fuel Your Local Community

When owning a car, it’s a necessity to put gas in your tank in order to get where you’re going, but it can be considered a chore. It’s the last thing you do after a long day at work or an annoyance when you’re in a rush. But, have you ever considered where and how that black gold ends up in the pump, nice and ready to go? It is the passion of those whom are in the STEM field that help to make your task a bit easier by getting it to your neighborhood convenience store. It is their passion to fuel you up!

5 Reasons to be Excited About the Future of Technology

The world is so different now than it was 100 years ago. In fact, it was only 15 years ago that we lacked technology that has become so integral to our lives today. Texting would take minutes instead of seconds, you couldn’t look anything up at the drop of a hat, and you couldn’t get the thing you bought with a button delivered to you the same day without paying a hefty price. Your phone was less of a super computer and more of an address book, and your computer certainly wasn’t lighter than air.

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