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New or Used? How to Decide Which Type of Car to Buy

You’ve decided you’re ready to find new roads by purchasing a new car or truck, but there are so many questions you need answered before you get started on your car buying journey. Should you be looking at buying a new or certified pre-owned vehicle? The answer to that question depends on several variables, including your budget, how long you intend to keep the vehicle, what type of warranty you want and whether or not you must have the latest technology.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Car

Outside of buying a home, buying a new car is probably the most important purchase you will make in your life. But the process doesn’t have to be an intimidating one when you plan.

Great Moments in Chevy Trucks Torque History

DETROIT — Torque is power. More specifically, it’s the twisting force an engine generates, and for 100 years Chevy Trucks have offered the torque that customers of 85 million trucks have relied on for hauling cargo and pulling trailers, on and off the clock.

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Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

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