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An apology from the Troubleshooters for reporting incorrect information in our story on Wednesday.

Troubleshooters; City Streets

Today’s Troubleshooters is like same chapter different verse when the topic comes to our city’s streets. Residents living on Louise and Chase asked us to take a look at the condition of those streets after all the recent rain.

Troubleshooters: Oak Haven Home

People are still trying to recover from the damage caused by Harvey. Tonight, an Aransas Pass couple shares their story of dealing with 2 different contractors.

Troubleshooters; Bad Floor

A man, disgusted by the contractor he hired to put a new floor in his home, goes to the contractors home with signs calling the contractor a thief, crook, and liar.

Troubleshooters; Homeowner and Contractor at Odds

A disagreement between a homeowner and a contractor in Aransas Pass. The homeowner has paid thousands for work to be done at his house, but claims 4 months later, the job is not done. The contractor says the homeowner is trying to tell his workers how to do their job, so he’s pulled them off the job.

Troubleshooters: Robstown Headstone

A daughter ordered and paid for a headstone for her mom’s gravesite 2 years ago. The funeral home she did business with still hadn’t produced it until the Troubleshooters got involved.


Troubleshooers: fired Coastal Bend College VP speaks out

The former interim VP of Instruction at Coastal Bend College, who was fired 3 days before her contract was to expire, is speaking out about her termination and other issues she insists still exist at the school.

headstones laying around in an impound

Troubleshooters: Impounded Headstones

CCPD is encouraging anyone interested, to come to their Impound Lot to claim gravesite headstones. There are 7 stones still unclaimed. 3 of them have family names already engraved on them. The stones will be available till Friday.

Troubleshooters; Utility Bill

A disabled US Navy vet is stunned to get a $755.00 utility bill. 5-6 times larger than his previous 6. So he calls the Troubleshooters for help.

Troubleshooters: Bird Island House

Another Coastal Bend resident trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey, calls the Troubleshooters to help her get a refund from a company she hired to put a new roof on her house. They promised to give it her, yet she still hasn’t received it.

Troubleshooters: Balboa in Court

Augustine Balboa III was in court this morning. His trial for exploitation of the elderly and possession og a controlled substance has been set for October 15th in the 105th District Court.

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