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Troubleshooters Benefit Money Missing

Money is dividing a Corpus Christi family. It’s money raised from a benefit for a 22 year old year young man and father of 2, who’s been told he needs a kidney transplant. The young man’s family actually held 2 benefits for him, and he’s been able to use money from the first one to pay some bills. It’s the money from the second one that’s in question.

Former Interim VP Responds To THECB Report on CBC

The investigation, as well as our reporting, came as a result of 27 grievances filed against the college by former Interim Vice President of Academics and Economic Development Dr. Matilda Saenz.

Troubleshooters; Landscaper Feud

2 local landscapers at odds over their agreement for payment for work done. The side that actually did the work, insist the invoices they submitted for payment should be accepted. The side that gave them the contract insist that the invoices weren’t submitted with the proper information.

Troubleshooters; Tree Limbs

A Corpus Christi man has been contacted by the Troubleshooters about some tree limbs that are leaning heavily on some power lines about his house. He says he’s been notifying AEP about the problem since August, but since nothing’s been done, he’s now contacted the Troubleshooters for help.

A disabled Kingsville man asks the Troubleshooters for help getting a refund from a contractor.

Contractor Released from Jail

The contractor mentioned in Monday’s Troubleshooters report, was just released from the Nueces County Jail last week. He’s accused of Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact.

Troubleshooters; Action Lane Contractor

The road to complete recovery from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is long for some Coastal Bend residents, especially when it comes to dealing with contractors who do unsatisfactory work.

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Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

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