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Troubleshooters: Cancer Inmate

A Nueces County jail inmate is battling testicular cancer. He’s been in jail since early August. His wife told the Troubleshooters she wouldn’t be fighting

Troubleshooters: Senior Living

The elderly man asks for help getting a refund for his wife’s residential care payment after she only stayed for 3 days.

Troubleshooters: Gable Contractor

On today’s Troubleshooters, a woman says she paid a contractor, in full, in February, for work that is still not done. But he promised to call her last Friday night to get this resolved. 

Troubleshooters: Coastal Bend College secretly recorded conversation

We continue our Troubleshooters Special Reports on allegations of grade changes in the Licensed Vocational Nursing program at Coastal Bend College Tonight, a nursing program graduate claims he was asked by a member of the school’s board of trustees to secretly record his conversation…

Troubleshooters: Glazebrook Contractor Continued

Last Friday, the Troubleshooters reported on a woman who feels like she was stiffed by a contractor. We have an update on this story.  On Friday, Yolanda Ramos told her story to the Troubleshooters. 

Troubleshooters: Flour Bluff Couple

The Troubleshooters have been following a story about a disabled couple in Flour Bluff since April. They paid a contractor to put a new roof on their home in February. It’s still not done. 

Troubleshooters: Mary House

 A woman called us saying the ceilings in both of the bedrooms in her rental house collapsed from all this week’s rain. She further claims the landlord hasn’t done much about it.  

Troubleshooters: Caterer

On today’s Troubleshooters, what would you do if a caterer you hired, and paid, flaked on you, just days before your event ?  In January, Angie Limon wrote this check for $500.00 to Albert Rodriguez. It was a down payment for him to cater her son’s graduation party, scheduled for June. "He answered all the questions I had as far as like what I should get for so many people.  He was pretty accurate.  He was very responsive.  So I didn’t see a problem," sh…

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