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Troubleshooters; Woman Claims She’s Been Scammed Case Closed!

A contractor sees our Troubleshooters report on Tuesday, and calls, offering to help Virginia Almeida, for free. And sure enough, he keeps his word, showing up at her house Friday morning, and making the repairs he told her he would make.

Troubleshooters; Bride-to-Be Concerned About Her Venue of Choice

A bride-to-be is concerned about her venue of choice. She has an agreement with a man named Daniel Esparza, on the place at 4100 Up River Road. Esparza has been the subject of previous Troubleshooter reports, and complaints keep coming into our newsroom.

Troubleshooters; Retired Navy Man in Conflict with Local Contractor

A retired Navy man says he paid a contractor a $6000.00 down payment to begin building a roof over the patio in the back yard of his home. 6 months later, the only work the contractor has done is put in 3 posts, and he maintains the homeowner owes him money. Sounds like this one is headed to court.

Troubleshooters; Mechanic Complaint

A Corpus Christi man claims he took 2 vehicles to a mechanic friend of his, for repairs, in 2017. Paid him cash for the repairs each time. Here it is 2019, and the vehicles are now missing.

Woman Accuses Man Running Non-Profit of Not Paying Her

The name Daniel Esparza is back in the news. A woman says she worked for Esparza’s Non-Profit for most of December 2018, but was never paid. The Troubleshooters find out the man had been evicted from the property were he ran his business out of, before he hired the woman.

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Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

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