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Troubleshooters: Sinton House

A Sinton widow had the money to get her house redone after Hurricane Harvey had damaged it. In March 2018, she hired a contractor named Judy Acosta of Acosta Roofing and Remodeling of Taft. Paid him more than $15,000.00 to alot of work on her house. She wound up paying out more than $30,000.00 to get the work Acosta did, redone. That’s when she called the Troubleshooters.

Troubleshooters: Taft Job

The future business owner insists the contractor owes him $18,000.00 for the missing materials, plus lost income from lost business, since he can’t do business due to the work not being done.

Troubleshooters: Taft Burial

As if the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one isn’t enough, imagine showing up for the deceased’s interment, and none of the arrangements have been done.

New Jim Wells County Constable

Jim Wells County Commissioners needed to find someone to take over as Precinct One Constable after the resignation of long time Constable Juan “Chuy” Salinas. On Monday they named Albert Martinez, who’ll serve till December 2020. Salinas resigned due to poor health, as the Troubleshooters reported previously.

Troubleshooters Update; Homeowners Want Repairs Done

A couple, living in Wisconsin, was working with a local builder to build their dream home. He did, but now, 2 years later, they’re still asking him to come back and fix some things. That’s why they called the Troubleshooters for help.

Troubleshooters Update; Customer Hopes Screens Are Fixed

John Salgado isn’t happy with the screens that Paradise screen installed in his backyard patio in December. So he called the Troubleshooters, and when we called Paradise, we found out Salgado had been calling the wrong to contact them. Once he did, he and the business owner agreed to meet at Salgado’s house Saturday to get the screens fixed.

Troubleshooters: Business Owner Says He’ll Fix Homeowner’s Problem

A local screen business has assured the Troubleshooters they will meet with a homeowner to resolve his complaint. The homeowner says he hired them in December to screen-in his backyard patio, but he called us complaining that the job hadn’t been done to his satisfaction.

Troubleshooters; Dream Home Flaws

An out-of-state couple had their dream home built in Corpus Christi. But ever since they moved in they’ve noticed some flaws they want fixed by the builder.

CBC Trustees to Meet Again Monday

The Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees will meet Monday, April 29th, to discuss what to do next following their decision to terminate the school president.

City Utility Director Calls Homeowner’s Bill ‘Very Challenging’

A southside homeowner called the Troubleshooters because his utility bill has gone from less than $90.00 to $1000.00. He told us he just loved into the house in September 2018. He claims the city showed him he had used 2000 gallons in a single day. So he hired a local irrigation business to come out and check for leaks. And they found one. Now what can he do ? The Troubleshooters are trying to help him.

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