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Does it Work?

Veggetti: Does it Work?

Are you tired of high carbohydrate foods? How about trying the Veggetti. It Claims to make delicious noodles with zucchini or squash. But does it?

The Nutri Slicer claims to solve all of your slicing and dicing woes. But dies it work? We put it to the test. After testing

Flex Seal: Does it work?

You have probably seen the Flex Seal commercials. The guy taking a chainsaw to a bucket. Then repairing it with Flex Seal. We put Flex

Does it work? The Crank Chop

You pull a handle fixed to a string like you would start a lawn mower.

It retails for about $10.

But Will it make salsa?

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Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

Cold Stunned Sea turtles 16 Nov.

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