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Asbestos Concerns in Woodsboro

Demolition had begun on the first of 3 old buildings that are part of the Woodsboro ISD campuses. But that stopped as soon as asbestos was found. Multiple tests were done. The State Department of Health Services at one point saying no asbestos was found, yet in a different communication saying there is asbestops present. The District superintendent tells us the students are not in any danger, and the asbestos will be abated.

New boxing gym becomes non-profit

Chavarria’s Boxing Gym has a new location on South Staples and a first time non-profit designation. Now, Ernie Chavarria is preparing to take a group of young boxers to Laredo for the Junior Olympics.

Troubleshooter: Family Feud

A family feud in Taft. An elderly couple claims their son has been stealing money from them since Hurricane Harvey.

Troubleshooters; Woman Says Contractor Took Her for $33,000.00

A Corpus Christi woman wanted to add onto her house because her family was growing. So she hired a local contractor to do most of the work. Paid him $33,000.00, but the work is snowhere close to being done. So she’s called the Troubleshooters for help.

Troubleshooters; Rockport Woman’s Troubles with Contractor

Hurricane Harvey really did a number on Carol Matthews’ Rockport home, so she hired a contractor named Henry Mahan to make the necessary repairs. Her insurance company gave him $62,000.00 to make the repairs. But she’s called the Troubleshooters because she claims Mahan took the money, then disappeared.

Troubleshooters; Woman, Scammed by Contractor, learns how to DIY

A mother claims she paid a local contractor close to $20,000.00 to make repairs on a house, but he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. However, instead of hiring another contractor, the woman started watching videos on YouTube, and before long, she was doing most of work herself.

Portland Businessman Faces Deadline

Monday, February 25th, was the deadline for Portland businessman Fred Rich, to submit a list of some 60 homeowners in Nueces and San Patricio counties he must reimburse as part of a settlement agreement with the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending. The Department has investigated Rich for operating as an unlicensed residential mortgage loan originator.

Troubleshooters; Treatment Center Employees Get Paid

Employees of the Shoreline Treatment Center in Taft finally received their overdue paychecks Friday, February 22nd. The Troubleshooters first reported they had not been paid on Tuesday, February 19th. The Center’s director, Eddie Underwood did tell us the employees would be paid, but didn’t say when.

New information on 2 recent Troubleshooters stories. We’ve learned that the Shoreline Treatment Center is in foreclosure, and will be put up for sale Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at the San Patricio County Courthouse. On Tuesday, the center’s director, Eddie Underwood, told us about the sale. Some 40 employees say they were not paid, as scheduled, last Friday.
Also, a lawsuit, filed against KZTV and our sister station, KRIS, by Ronald Lillard, former owner of Corpus Christi Subaru, was thrown out by a judge. Judge Nanette Hasette also ruled the case had no merit, and further ordered Lillard’s company, the Empyrean Auto Group, to pay attorney’s fees and court costs

Matthew Pinkston

Troubleshooters; Woman Claims She’s Been Scammed Case Closed!

A contractor sees our Troubleshooters report on Tuesday, and calls, offering to help Virginia Almeida, for free. And sure enough, he keeps his word, showing up at her house Friday morning, and making the repairs he told her he would make.

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